Don Quixote Takes New York presented by New Stage Performance Space in association with Loco 7 Theatre Company
May 18 - June 2nd
New Stage Performance Space in association with Loco7 Theatre Company

Loco7 reimagines this classic text, with puppets, dance and music to show the audience that no dream is too impossible to obtain and that with hope and heart you can conquer fear.

Don Quixote and his friend Sancho Panza travel the five boroughs of New York City on a quest to save the world from evil forces and protect Lady Liberty. The audience follows Don Quixote as he explores New York City in his quest for love, honor, liberty and justice for all.
Featuring: Federico Restrepo, with Zulivet Díaz, Luis Grande, Chris Ignacio, and Katie Leffen
New Stage Theatre Company receives Caffe Cino Fellowship Award

The Caffe Cino Fellowship Award is presented to an Off-Off-Broadway theatre company that consistently produces outstanding work. 

New Stage Theatre Company's production of Night wins Outstanding Performance Art Production

Garden of Delights is nominated for Outstanding Production by the Innovative Theater Awards

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